Fashionable furniture colors in 2019: trendy brightness and positivity


10 major furniture trends-2019 in the opinion of world designers

01. Shades of pink.

Neutral, soft pink shades are the favorite shades of the season. These colors can be combined with the same soft tones, as well as with brighter, more contrasting (dark blue, green, lemon yellow).

2. Cozy beds.

Famous designers claim that the main trend in the manufacture of upholstered furniture in 2019 will be cocoon beds. These are cozy bunks with a soft fabric headboard and a footbed. The bed should be such that it would be pleasant to “hide” in it after a hard day’s work.

3. Geometry

In addition to the colors of furniture in 2019, it is important to consider and fashionable textures, images and drawings on objects. Designers are inclined to believe that fashion aspires to modern motifs in the interior. Today it is asymmetrical shapes, drawings, as well as a lot of geometry – both in the objects themselves and in prints.

4. Natural materials.

There is a growing demand for natural materials. Designers seek to find more and more complex and refined combinations of different textures. For example, it may be wood with inclusions of quartzite or marble, ceramics with concrete and metal.

5. Rounded forms.

In the trend of 2019 – furniture objects with soft, rounded forms. The smoothness of outlines comes back to us from the fashion of 1970s. Thanks to such an environment the interior will look more cosy and elegant.

6. Metal

In addition to the unexpected fashion colours of furniture in 2019, we also see unusual applications of metal. Gold, brass and blackened bronze became popular as separate elements. They can be figures, art objects, modern compositions that decorate the interior space.

7. Individuality.

People are increasingly inclined to buy custom-made designer objects. Buyers are interested not only in the exterior of the item, but also in something more – its history, special meaning, depth.

8. The tiniest details.

The attention of designers will be riveted not only to the general style of the interior, but also to its smallest details. It can be a special stitching of textiles, furniture fittings of bright shades, pronounced details on plafonds. Such additions make the space more interesting, give it individuality.

9. New Art Deco.

Art Deco in fashionable colors and furniture decoration in 2019 is a looming trend. This style embodies luxury, brightness and shine.

10. Antiques.

A number of major fashion trends do not leave vintage interior items. And antique furniture is popular not only among collectors. Many people want their rooms to be filled with interesting things, with their individuality and history.

Usefulness of color

Researchers have confirmed the beneficial properties of blue

Blue room

According to American experts, the presence of blue in the room makes a person smarter. It’s about increasing concentration and high speed of decision-making. Scientists shared their findings during a scientific conference called “Sleep2016”.

To prove this point, physicians conducted a study involving 35 people aged 18-32 years. The volunteers were divided into two groups. One of the test participants had to spend half an hour in a room with a blue light, the other one with a yellow light. After this time, the subjects were offered different tasks to evaluate brain activity by functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).

As a result, participants from the blue room were found to have demonstrated better test results. The high (compared to yellow room participants) brain activity of these individuals was also recorded by a device that was used by physicians during the fMRI method. In particular, the cortical areas responsible for attention retention, decision-making and multitasking skills were activated.
Scientists have noticed an improvement in cognitive processes not only when the subjects are in a room with blue light, but also 40 minutes after its termination.

Specialists believe that the results of this experiment will help scientists in further research on the effects of different colors on humans. As for blue, it is recommended that it be used where speed of decision making and concentration are of particular importance. For example, pilots or surgeons should take note of this advice.

Psychologist’s advice: which colors are useful for the child


Psychologists claim that the colors that surround a child from birth form his or her psyche and affect the formation of personality. Therefore, it is important to choose the color scheme of the bedroom, household items and wardrobe of their children not according to their taste, and guided by the reaction that the color scheme can cause in a child.

Red stimulates your child’s activity and is ideal for a wardrobe on the street. It is better not to use red shades in the interior of the house and even more so in the bedroom.

Orange is an appetite-hungry color, so orange shades are ideal for kitchen interiors and eating areas.

Yellow stimulates intelligence, so lemon shades are ideal for the work area, where children will be doing lessons and creative work.

Green promotes relaxation, so the delicate green shades are ideal for the bedroom decor.

The blue color takes the child out of depression, so psychologists recommend using delicate blue tones for decoration of the comfort zone, as well as in the clothes of the child.

Purple color actively develops imagination, so fully decorate the room in purple shades is not recommended, they can only highlight certain interior elements.