How to choose living room furniture: several important rules

The living room in any house is one of the most important. Here the owners not only rest, but also receive guests. That is why it must be not only cozy and comfortable, but also beautiful. Let’s list a few important rules that will help you design and choose the furniture:

Rule number one:

Functionality of the living room. Before you buy a piece of furniture, you need to ask yourself: “What is it for? This room can be not only for family holidays, but also for receiving guests. However, in some apartments the living room is used for dinner. You should consider each case before choosing something.

Rule two:

The right colour. Here it depends on your personal preferences. Before you make a color choice, you should listen to the advice of the designers. If the living room is small, it is recommended to buy light furniture. It can visually expand the space in the room. However, if the living room is spacious, you can buy furniture in dark tones. To make the room cozy and comfortable, you should choose such warm shades as yellow, white and orange.

Rule three:

Dimensions. Before going to the store to buy furniture, you must consider the size of the room. Too big furniture will clutter up a lot of space. Again, you must consider the purpose of the room. Specialists recommend that you pay attention to corner cabinets and sofas to save space.

Rule four:

The shape of the room. Do not confuse with size. If in some cases it is necessary to save space, in others, on the contrary, to expand. Professionals recommend paying attention to the corner sofa, as it will fit harmoniously not only in a small room, but also in a large one. If the living room is small, then choose a sofa without armrests so that it could be placed on either side.

Rule five:

Style. For example, styles such as classic and modern are the opposite of each other. When choosing a style, you should take into account your own preferences. If you do not use the services of a professional designer, and you choose your own furniture, then in advance it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the main directions of styles, look at the photos and resort to the help of professionals. Here the main thing is to correctly combine room design with upholstered furniture.

Rule six:

The right choice. Upholstered furniture must always be functional! However, you should not forget about the right color and style. It is not necessary to pay attention to standard sets of upholstered furniture. Nowadays, original combinations are popular. When choosing a sofa, consider the frequency of its use. If guests will often stay with you overnight, it is better to pick up a sofa with quality folding mechanism, which is designed for regular transformation.