How to Clean a Kitchen Table

Below are tips to help you keep your kitchen table clean. This will automatically transform your kitchen.

  • Place all your things in the right places.
  • Put sheets of paper in your cupboards, put the dirty dishes in the sink and use the kitchen table only for food. Before you sit behind it, make sure the table is clean.

Alternatively using a toothbrush to clean

If you have an old toothbrush in your home, you can use it to clean up cracks that form on your desk over time. This is a good way, because if you have any cracks on your desk and you don’t clean them properly, then over time bacteria will multiply that are dangerous for you and your children. So cleaning cracks is important when you’re cleaning your desk.

Dirt can get into thin, hairline cracks in wood, so find an old toothbrush or buy one for cleaning. Rub the bristles into the cracks with long, wide strokes to try to push out the dust and dirt.

Repeat several times to remove heavy soiling. Wet the bristles and add one or two drops of mild liquid soap, then clean until the cracks are clean.

Disinfection of the kitchen table

Wipe the table with a wet cloth. Slightly moisten the sponge and wipe the table surface. Use a microfibre cloth or an old T-shirt to collect dust and leave no lint.

Even if you do not have a wooden table, you should disinfect it periodically. After all, we don’t want it to become dangerous for our food. For this purpose, you can use diluted bleach for disinfection.

For a wooden table, you can use soap

Try a mixture of warm water and one or two tablespoons of white vinegar. You can also use a couple drops of soap for dishes. Wipe the solution around the wooden table with a soft cloth, reaching to the sides and feet. Use a damp cloth with water to wash off the solution and finish by completely drying the table so that it does not warp.

If your table is wooden, you should not wipe it with anything harder than soap. Soap will make the table very clean, and you can clean it as many times as you want, because it does not harm the wood, but only keeps it clean and shiny.

Take out the garbage on time.

Keep order in the kitchen! Take out the garbage on time, it will take a few minutes and save hours on cleaning.

We put a lot of waste in the bin, which after a while begins to emit an unpleasant smell. So if you want your kitchen to be perfect, make sure that the bin is emptied regularly.

When cleaning, take care not to throw anything of value into the bin in a hurry.