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When customers walk into their local Verlo Mattress Factory Store, they aren’t there to buy a mattress. They want a better night’s sleep. Verlo Craftspeople give them that by guiding them through a thorough comfort fitting process. Determining what kind of a mattress, pillows and mattress accessories are going to give them their best night’s sleep. Then they custom craft a mattress for them from one of several mattress lines to meet their comfort needs and budget.

Traditional Mattress
The Verlo mattress family is founded upon the traditional innerspring mattress. But each one is custom made with upholstery layers specific to the customer’s comfort needs. Layers of cotton, foam and even memory foam and latex. And Verlo is one of the few retail mattress stores that offer customers a double-sided mattress, which can extend it’s comfort life.
Memory Foam & Air Mattresses
Verlo stores are leaders in providing specialty sleep mattresses. The Verlo-pedic® line of 100% memory foam mattresses offers outstanding support and reduced motion transfer. The Verlo-aire® family of air beds features an exclusive patent-pending control system and superior air-chamber technology so that you can control your comfort.
Pillows are key to an excellent night’s sleep, and Verlo retail stores offer a full selection with a variety of fills, including Everlon® synthetic down—the closest thing to natural down but with more resilience, better bounce and higher loft. Verlo also offers memory foam and latex pillows.
Futon Sofa Sleepers
As an alternative to the traditional mattress, Verlo stores provide a complete selection of futon sofa sleepers. An excellent addition to any room, Verlo hardwood and oak frames are beautiful pieces of furniture that are built to last a lifetime. The mattresses can be customized, as well—even giving customers the luxury of a real innerspring mattress. And they have over 300 different covers to choose from.
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